Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mushroom Brooches

For about a decade I have been meaning to get around to making some little cute treats to sell at Flash Heart on Darby St. I attempted a material cuckoo clock brooch earlier this year, but I kind of sucked super hard at them. After not crossing it off my to-do-list in a couple of weeks, I finally got around to making some felt mushroom brooches! They are still drying at the moment, I just have to stick the brooch back on them and boom! Ready to pin on some pretty girls vest!


Hop, skip & a week

I haven't posted anything all week, or all last week either. So ...

On Monday I had a shift at work and it wasn't that terrible either. Angelo, former Little Swallows owner and Beaumont St's resident dreamboat, drove past as I was cleaning the front windows and waved. Dreamy. Word has it he left his wife for an 18-yr-old. Sigh. And the day just got better with a free latte from Little Swallows (guerrilla advertising much?). The only thing better than a latte is a free latte! The Beaumont St part of my day finished with a bad pot of chai tea with a friend after my shift. This should have been a slight indicator for what was to come..

I went to Mayfield woolworths to get some broccoli and peanut sauce and while I was avoiding an awkward encounter with a past friend, I was subjected to an unavoidable encounter with somebody who is not a friend. 'Miss Mayfield' is a friend of one of Luke's ex-gfs who goes out of her way to embarrass herself, cause a scene and make insulting remarks to us when she sees us out and about. Which is always fun. As she walked past me she lent in close and called me a 'faggot'. This is funny for a couple of reasons, mostly because I am married to a male and secondly because Miss Mayfield has not actually spoken to me - aside from her recurring insults. It is hard to take her so seriously though as she trolls about Newcastle with her faux punk attitude and dirty, bitter scowls. IT IS NOT MY FAULT GWEN DIDN'T WANT YOU AS ONE OF HER HARAJUKU GIRLS. 

One of my housemates was offered an amazing opportunity and will be leaving 79 next week so most of this week will be spent getting tipsy, watching movies, imitating each other and Lisa Mitchell and shots! Which has been most of my week so far anyway. Bye Elisha!

Also during the week, Luke and I dusted off the Blythes and took them to the cement lounge along the walk way next to the river/creek and took some photos. Ha! I haven't paid any attention to my little Blythes in foreverrr! 

Romy riding a pelican

Blythes on the cement lounge!

Maud with blythes

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Heart EllyNaanBread

One of my favourite stores in Newcastle 'Blackbird Corner' stocks the CUTEST flower brooches in nsw which are hand made by this lovely little lady Ellen. I officially met her early this year at a friends sleepover. She is kinda sorta fracking amazing! Her brooches will make any cardigan's day. 




You can stalk her at:

Earth Hour

Our first assignment this year was to design a t-shirt for Earth Hour this year. I was so stuck for any ideas and just did a literal interpretation from the brief. The winner (sarah pankurst) had their design put on t-shirts and will be distributed around the Hunter for all to wear! Which is exciting for her! Apparently this year we will get a lot of assignments like this, that are competitions which will be a good opportunity. Everyones designs were put up on the togethertoday website, you can see them here 

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have been a dodgey blogger and haven't blogged pretty much anything from 2010 so here is my 2010 so far.. 

I got accepted to into the graphic design diploma course! Over the holidays I didn't really do any graphic design related projects or 'things' so I am still a little bit out of it. This year is a lot different to the course last year, the projects are more serious and a lot of them are competitions as well which is great. So I have to get back into things and figured blogging was a good way to do so.

I moved house at the end of last year and it turned into a big drama and 2010 started with a whole new house which actually turned out to be amazing! Everyone is lovely and we all get on which has made this whole share house experience easier as I was quiet apprehensive about it to begin with. So the 3 housemates/friends I lost, I gained 3 housemates who don't abuse the dsp option, who don't think they know everything, lie, cheat on their girlfriends with their gay housemates and have spines. So it all worked out for the better. 

My lovely vanilla/caramel friend Elisa and my sister got engaged!! Not to eachother! To their partners! Which is amazing! Elisa is going to have the most dreamy wedding! You should be jealous you aren't invited. My sister and her bf have been together since the dinosaurs so its about time they got married!

So far so good, apart from the not so good at the start, things have been fantastic!  

12.01am Jan

12.01 am Jan

A bit of fresh air does her good

After pondering the idea for a few minutes I decided to start my blog afresh. So a years worth of posts of neighbour bitching, classmate bitching, dream bitching and Ashlee Simpson drooling (which will probably still continue) have been deleted and hopefully more worth while posts will be made.