Monday, June 7, 2010


I haven't lost interest in my little blog, I just don't have excellent time management skills. Holidays are creeping up, and I will be take my camera with me more on my adventures. So exciting posts are just a couple of weeks away I hope!

I have been quiet boring of late, my days have been coffee after coffee, week long movie marathons with Mayflower and Luke, writing to-do lists, tafe, stressing over tafe, hangs with Ninny, exhausting the 6 chords I know on guitar and reading. I have decided to take up reading again to pass the time and in the past two weeks I have read 'The Bride Stripped Bare', which is weird mix of amazing, awkward and shocking. I felt a bit off after reading it, but I would recommend it. And the second Sookie Stackhouse novel. I do have a big dirty crush on the True Blood books and series. Which I also recommend.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


VOTE for my friend/housemate Mayflower so she can be the face of Entity International for a month to help her on her way with her alternative modeling. Heres how:
1. Go to Entity International - this is their facebook page.
2. You have to 'Like' their page.
3. Then go to their photos and click on 'VOTING ALBUM'.
4. Mayflower's photo is currently on the last page and is the photo ^^
5. Click 'LIKE' - by liking this you are voting for Mayflower! Yay!
Mayflower (this a direct link to her entered photo, you need to be a fan before you can vote though!)


My lovely little friend Ally, whom is a fellow TAFE class mate has got herself a blog as a result of my constant hassling. Its super cute and in its early stages, but she is a mega babe and is such a talented illustrator. My bedroom is sort of a mini museum of her illustrations.

Checkout her blog, 
She's totes teamcute!