Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Indie

Today was my first day back at Tafe after a nice little holiday break, and I was not keen. I felt like I was super behind in everything, but I wasn't terribly. And although I am not heaps teamtafe at the moment, I did get a bit of work done today and I even stayed back an hour more than I would finishing off an illustration. One of our assignments at the moment is part of a competition for DG Portfolio, we have to illustrate a cover for the magazine. I had a couple of ideas, and I scrapped one today and replaced it with a little character called 'Little Indie'. She is still quiet unfinished, but I wanted to post a screenshot of her because I was proud as punch with my effort today!

Little Indie

Holidays pt6 - last holiday hurrah

Saturday night was my last night of actually doing anything holiday orientated. A couple of my friends came over for some vodka, wine and chips. And then off to the Lass we went, with a quick stop off at Uncle Bad Touches house. If you're familiar with the Wickham area you might know of him. He is the one that has a caravan outside of his house and a video camera in his front window, and he sits in the side front window and watches what he films and the chirpy folk who walk past. The first photo above is out the front of his house during an impromptu breakout of 'telephone'.  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holidays pt5

This afternoon me, Erin and Luke went on a little family picnic to the park. We packed up our little picnic basket with subway, cookies, wine and beer and off we went!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holidays pt4

The past week I have been exceedingly boring due to my week long headache. So i've just been moping and hosting my pity party all week. Aside from the milkshake hang with Elisa last Saturday, and the chai hangs with Lara on Sunday. Today I woke up quiet late and got started on my pile of homework. I only lightened the load by twenty questions and a few rough logo sketches. Sigh. After that my housemate Erin and I fetched some garlic bread and wine and we had a little loungeroom date. We had pumpkin soup, garlic bread and wine while watching Romy & Michele's Highschool Reunion!


After dinner we had a Miley sing-along.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holidays pt3

We arrived home at about 3ish after our Gaga adventure and to finish the night off we watched 'A Night At The Roxbury', hoping into bed at 5am. After the concert we waited outside the gates back stage and waited to see if Lady Gaga would come sign stuff for crazy fans. Erin (housemate) had waited twice before and Gaga didn't sign anything and just left straight away, so we weren't terribly hopeful. But she came over and Erin lost her shit and had her arm signed and today we went to Alien Art in Mayfield and she had the signature tattooed on her arm! She is CRAZY, or in her words 'im a mad cunt'. HA! After her tattoo, we popped into the Salvo's and tried on some clothes and bought some teacups and dresses! So now I am sorted for a dress for my sisters engagement party in a month! And finished our day with a coffee at Eurobar.

Erin getting her tattoo
New dress

Holidays pt2

On Wednesday Luke, my housemate Erin and I went to Sydney to see Lady Gaga!

Waiting for the train
On the train
So happy I could die
gaga signing erins arm
Late night punch thrusts at maccas

Holidays pt1

I am on holidays for two weeks currently and instead of working my way through the pile of homework and assignments I have, this is what I have been doing..

On Monday I met up for coffee and gossip with the bff in the morning and had some little friends over for drinks and had a lovely little evening, so much so I didn't take photographic evidence of the plate of shots, fairy bread and coffee table treats.

Tuesday Luke and I had planned to sleep in, however in an attempt to make my holidays fun I called my mum and sister and we organized a little lunch at this hidden gem cafe in Budgewoi, The Glass Dome Cafe. My aunty also came and lunched too!

My lunch
Foot bridge

Saturday, April 3, 2010

All things babushka

In the spirit of all things babushka lately I spent my Saturday gluing, blanket stitching, cutting (not myself, pieces of felt), watching season three of Veronica Mars and sipping chai green tea. Yes, chai green tea! I had never even heard of it or seen it but now I have a big dirty crush on it. Its one of those small joys people leave behind when they move on I guess. Thanks Elisha! But babushka! Yes! After I drove Luke to work I saw the Olive Tree Markets were on and contemplated going but as I was drying my hurr I had a burst of brooch making motivation. And I have come to realise if I don't use that motivation when it first bursts it is almost impossible to recreate it later. So I made babushka brooches! I am quiet pleased with how they turned out. My camera is out of action so apologies for the bad hiptophotography.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pinch & a punch!

I had quiet the eventful day yesterday, I had a 10am booking to get a tattoo at diabolik to get a babushka doll on the inside of my arm. I was super nervous because I only settled on the babushka design two days prior to the booking and was convinced it was going to hurt so much that I would only get the outline. After three hours of awkward positioning and that awful tattoo gun sound in my ear it looks fracking fantastic! I am so freaking pleased with the way it turned out and highly recommend diabolik. The outline took almost an hour which I thought was ages as the tattoo on my other arm is a lot bigger and it took an hour and a bit in total altogether. I didn't mind though after I saw just how neat and precise it is.

After my tattoo Luke and I bought Easter eggs and while we were in the Easter egg aisle we saw Chris Joannou which excited me to no end because as a 15 year old I had the biggest wet patch for him and the crush feels a little resolved now that I have stalked him in the super market! We went to 3 monkeys for smoothies afterwards, I got a snickers smoothie and Luke got some sort of berry smoothie. They have the best smoothies in cooks hill. And to finish our day off we went for dinner at Muchos, which was amazing and sad all at once because our housemate Elisha was leaving and that was her farewell/Stu's late birthday dinner. She dropped us home and as she drove off we did punch thrusts. Bye Elisha!

9.30am (lukes good hiptophotography skills just shine through in this!)
chris joannue buying eggs
too much monkey
elishas tricks
Elisha packing up her tricks and treats!