Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh, dear!

My camera is loaded with pictures and things that I should have been blogging about. This week I will upload and unload on here. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holidays pt8

The first half of the holidays have gone wayy too fast. I feel as though i've barely done anything aside from the house party the weekend of TAFE finishing, Monday shifts, cheese and wine with Luke and Ross last tuesday, visit to the Lass to see some bands Thursday, house lounging with Lara and dinner at Nins on the Friday. This week is going too fast. 

Today Luke and I went to the shops and bought season 3 + 4 of Buffy the vampire slayer, season 1 of Weeds, The National's new album 'high violet' and a record player. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass out from all the new exciting things we've purchased the past couple of days!

Tomorrow I am going to make some things to put in my Etsy store.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holidays pt7

Last holidays I had photos for pretty much everything I did, however these holidays have been unphotographed due to my broken camera. I went on a Sydney adventure yesterday with Luke for our first wedding anniversary to buy vinyl and cafe hop and had a fantastic day aside from a lousy lentil burger from the Blue Fig Cafe. Being the unorganised pair we are, we missed both of our early alarms, woke up at the time we were suppose to be in Sydney, were too laid back in getting ready and left no time for breakfast or morning coffees, we got off the train at Newtown and went to the first cafe we saw which turned out to be a mistake.

After that we went to
Gallery Serpintine and I bought some mother fracking COATTAILS! I'm pretty sure they've already changed my life..

We bought some vinyl - The Lemonheads, La Bamba soundtrack, Tom Waits & Black Sabbath. We also managed to find a copy of American Psycho (which seems like there would be an abundance of but there actually isn't. We've spent the past 2 weeks trying to find it), and the new Grizzly Bear cd. I also picked up a 2nd hand copy of Belle De Jour, a book about a Parisian hooker/housewife.  

After we got home from Sydney, we had a cute little dinner at The Depot which was amazing, I would suggest their roasted vegetable salad with grilled haloumi and mojo verdi dressing. It was dreamy. Then we came home and had cups of tea and watched American Psycho. It was a quaint anniversary.
Bad lattes
Krispy Kreme

Monday, July 5, 2010


Tomorrow, well technically its
today, is mine and Luke's one year anniversary - married for a year! Yay! We are off to Sydney tomorrow to have lots of coffee, have a lovely little lunch, search for some sexy second hand books, start our vinyl collection and frolic in the city for day. And end the day with dinner and drinks. Maybe even a game of phase ten if I'm lucky

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Etsy store

Even though there isn't anything up yet, I've made an Etsy store and over the next couple of weeks I shall be putting some brooches up for sale! Yay!

Etsy store banner

Keep checking in, little treats shall be up soon!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


The last assignment I did was designing an Australian stamp series for a theoretical client - Australia Post. I did my series on Australian Butterflies. I am never keen on anything butterfly related, but I was opting for something simple and quick. However, I became a little mooshy for these guys, there are some absolutely breathtakingly beautiful butterflies. I hope my Grandmother leaves me her butterfly collection

I was quiet pleased with my butterfly vector drawings, so I thought I would share them with you all:
Hypolycaena Danis

Apaturina Erminea

Lets catch up pt 2

I haven't quiet had the time to tend to this blog as much as I would like to, fracking TAFE work and assignments. However, it is holidays now! I have been on holidays for a week now, and oh my how it has flown! I hope the next two weeks go very slowly.

So far..

79 had a house party last Saturday, it was fantastic for many reasons. Those being, no more TAFE for three weeks, drinking, little friend hangs with the cute friends who came, mixed cds, cheese rings & fairy bread and drunken fun. It was also my new hurr cuts debut. We didn't really take photos, but here are a few snaps taken in my room,

Nin, May Flower, D-cat, Lollie
Nin, May Flower, D-cat, Lollie
Lara, Nin, D-cat, Lollie
Lollie & May Flower
May Flower, Lara, Lollie, Nin
May Flower, Lara, Lollie, Nin

The next day Lara, May Flower & I house dwelled, drank tea & sat in the sun. 

The rest of the week was, work on Monday, handing in the rest of my assignments Tuesday arvo and hanging with Maud. He had Tues, Wed & Thursday off work. We went to see some bands at the Lass on Thursday night and came back to ours for drinks and hangs. On Friday, Lara and I talked all day, drank tea and ate toast. It was a lovely, quaint day which ended with dinner at Ninny's house and wine and cheese!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I haven't lost interest in my little blog, I just don't have excellent time management skills. Holidays are creeping up, and I will be take my camera with me more on my adventures. So exciting posts are just a couple of weeks away I hope!

I have been quiet boring of late, my days have been coffee after coffee, week long movie marathons with Mayflower and Luke, writing to-do lists, tafe, stressing over tafe, hangs with Ninny, exhausting the 6 chords I know on guitar and reading. I have decided to take up reading again to pass the time and in the past two weeks I have read 'The Bride Stripped Bare', which is weird mix of amazing, awkward and shocking. I felt a bit off after reading it, but I would recommend it. And the second Sookie Stackhouse novel. I do have a big dirty crush on the True Blood books and series. Which I also recommend.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


VOTE for my friend/housemate Mayflower so she can be the face of Entity International for a month to help her on her way with her alternative modeling. Heres how:
1. Go to Entity International - this is their facebook page.
2. You have to 'Like' their page.
3. Then go to their photos and click on 'VOTING ALBUM'.
4. Mayflower's photo is currently on the last page and is the photo ^^
5. Click 'LIKE' - by liking this you are voting for Mayflower! Yay!
Mayflower (this a direct link to her entered photo, you need to be a fan before you can vote though!)


My lovely little friend Ally, whom is a fellow TAFE class mate has got herself a blog as a result of my constant hassling. Its super cute and in its early stages, but she is a mega babe and is such a talented illustrator. My bedroom is sort of a mini museum of her illustrations.

Checkout her blog, 
She's totes teamcute!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Another assignment post..

Everyone from my diploma class was paired with a diploma communication student from the Hunter Street TAFE to do the graphic design part of their assignment. I got a lovely little girl Lana and her project was for a body modification magazine, Modiction. The model is my lovely little housemate Erin, she is an alternative nude model, if you would like her to pose for you (artistically of course) msg me - I'm not her pimp she just doesn't have a blog or a website I could link you to. Photography was done by Mastertouch go check his other photos out, they are beautiful fetish photographs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fashion logo

An assignment I've been working on the last week or so has been to design a logo for one of the fashion students at TAFE. Although a bunch of people from my class moaned like 12 year olds about it, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I think it was because I got a student that liked all the same things that I liked! I am still in the process of finishing it off, but this is a screen shot of what I have so far..

Fashion logo

I am quiet pleased with it, I just hope my fashion student is too!

Flash Heart

If you haven't already checked out this little hidden Darby St gem than you should! Flash Heart is this cute as cute little shop with beautiful wooden treats, hand sewn corsets, skirts, purses and clutches, a variety of candles and incense, tights, hurr clips, key rings and furniture. Definitely worth a little visit. 

Flash Heart

Oh, and it also has some of my brooches! 
So if you would like to spice up your vest or cardigan with a felt mushroom or babushka pop in and purchase one!

Lets catch up

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks, I've been all sorts of busy and lazy! During my blog break i've went to watch the roller derby, which was exciting! We got there quiet late and missed out on seats so our only decent option was 'suicide seating', which was 2 meters from their skating circle. My nerves were so exhausted afterwards, twice during the game girls fell over and one landed on my knee. Another one is coming up, so if you didn't go to the one just passed I do suggest you go to the next! The Newcastle team also have a sweet logo, so take $5 with you for a flag! 

The following night I went to my sisters engagement party, which was nice. A particular friend of hers was quiet the cunt to me, I think she is just bitter because of her jowls? I was mostly excited to wear my new dress, shoes and the promised potato bake. The next night 79 got a cute little visit from ELISHA!!! We bought $40 of Mcdonalds, got our trashbag on and watched the logies. I miss her everyday.

 The following week after car troubles, coffee dates with ninny, late nights of homework and forty page assignments Luke and I went to Groovin the Moo. Two days prior I picked the cold up from Luke and it decided to flare up at Groovin which made me a little miserable for part of the day. We met up with Loz and her bf Adrian and watch Lisa Mitchell together. After that Luke and I waited 45 minutes in a line to buy a green fizzy drink I was eyeing off and when it was our turn they had run out of green fizz. Teamsad. We then watched Tegan & Sara which were fracking brilliant! And after that Empire of the Sun, who were beyond brilliant! I am still confused as to why so many people left disappointed after their set. Luke Steele is a dreamboat. 

And then last night I went to Ali's brothers' 18th, and I had such a great time. Ali's mum is cute as shit, she made an abundance of wonderful food all night. 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Indie

Today was my first day back at Tafe after a nice little holiday break, and I was not keen. I felt like I was super behind in everything, but I wasn't terribly. And although I am not heaps teamtafe at the moment, I did get a bit of work done today and I even stayed back an hour more than I would finishing off an illustration. One of our assignments at the moment is part of a competition for DG Portfolio, we have to illustrate a cover for the magazine. I had a couple of ideas, and I scrapped one today and replaced it with a little character called 'Little Indie'. She is still quiet unfinished, but I wanted to post a screenshot of her because I was proud as punch with my effort today!

Little Indie

Holidays pt6 - last holiday hurrah

Saturday night was my last night of actually doing anything holiday orientated. A couple of my friends came over for some vodka, wine and chips. And then off to the Lass we went, with a quick stop off at Uncle Bad Touches house. If you're familiar with the Wickham area you might know of him. He is the one that has a caravan outside of his house and a video camera in his front window, and he sits in the side front window and watches what he films and the chirpy folk who walk past. The first photo above is out the front of his house during an impromptu breakout of 'telephone'.  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holidays pt5

This afternoon me, Erin and Luke went on a little family picnic to the park. We packed up our little picnic basket with subway, cookies, wine and beer and off we went!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holidays pt4

The past week I have been exceedingly boring due to my week long headache. So i've just been moping and hosting my pity party all week. Aside from the milkshake hang with Elisa last Saturday, and the chai hangs with Lara on Sunday. Today I woke up quiet late and got started on my pile of homework. I only lightened the load by twenty questions and a few rough logo sketches. Sigh. After that my housemate Erin and I fetched some garlic bread and wine and we had a little loungeroom date. We had pumpkin soup, garlic bread and wine while watching Romy & Michele's Highschool Reunion!


After dinner we had a Miley sing-along.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holidays pt3

We arrived home at about 3ish after our Gaga adventure and to finish the night off we watched 'A Night At The Roxbury', hoping into bed at 5am. After the concert we waited outside the gates back stage and waited to see if Lady Gaga would come sign stuff for crazy fans. Erin (housemate) had waited twice before and Gaga didn't sign anything and just left straight away, so we weren't terribly hopeful. But she came over and Erin lost her shit and had her arm signed and today we went to Alien Art in Mayfield and she had the signature tattooed on her arm! She is CRAZY, or in her words 'im a mad cunt'. HA! After her tattoo, we popped into the Salvo's and tried on some clothes and bought some teacups and dresses! So now I am sorted for a dress for my sisters engagement party in a month! And finished our day with a coffee at Eurobar.

Erin getting her tattoo
New dress

Holidays pt2

On Wednesday Luke, my housemate Erin and I went to Sydney to see Lady Gaga!

Waiting for the train
On the train
So happy I could die
gaga signing erins arm
Late night punch thrusts at maccas