Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lets catch up pt 2

I haven't quiet had the time to tend to this blog as much as I would like to, fracking TAFE work and assignments. However, it is holidays now! I have been on holidays for a week now, and oh my how it has flown! I hope the next two weeks go very slowly.

So far..

79 had a house party last Saturday, it was fantastic for many reasons. Those being, no more TAFE for three weeks, drinking, little friend hangs with the cute friends who came, mixed cds, cheese rings & fairy bread and drunken fun. It was also my new hurr cuts debut. We didn't really take photos, but here are a few snaps taken in my room,

Nin, May Flower, D-cat, Lollie
Nin, May Flower, D-cat, Lollie
Lara, Nin, D-cat, Lollie
Lollie & May Flower
May Flower, Lara, Lollie, Nin
May Flower, Lara, Lollie, Nin

The next day Lara, May Flower & I house dwelled, drank tea & sat in the sun. 

The rest of the week was, work on Monday, handing in the rest of my assignments Tuesday arvo and hanging with Maud. He had Tues, Wed & Thursday off work. We went to see some bands at the Lass on Thursday night and came back to ours for drinks and hangs. On Friday, Lara and I talked all day, drank tea and ate toast. It was a lovely, quaint day which ended with dinner at Ninny's house and wine and cheese!

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