Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holidays pt7

Last holidays I had photos for pretty much everything I did, however these holidays have been unphotographed due to my broken camera. I went on a Sydney adventure yesterday with Luke for our first wedding anniversary to buy vinyl and cafe hop and had a fantastic day aside from a lousy lentil burger from the Blue Fig Cafe. Being the unorganised pair we are, we missed both of our early alarms, woke up at the time we were suppose to be in Sydney, were too laid back in getting ready and left no time for breakfast or morning coffees, we got off the train at Newtown and went to the first cafe we saw which turned out to be a mistake.

After that we went to
Gallery Serpintine and I bought some mother fracking COATTAILS! I'm pretty sure they've already changed my life..

We bought some vinyl - The Lemonheads, La Bamba soundtrack, Tom Waits & Black Sabbath. We also managed to find a copy of American Psycho (which seems like there would be an abundance of but there actually isn't. We've spent the past 2 weeks trying to find it), and the new Grizzly Bear cd. I also picked up a 2nd hand copy of Belle De Jour, a book about a Parisian hooker/housewife.  

After we got home from Sydney, we had a cute little dinner at The Depot which was amazing, I would suggest their roasted vegetable salad with grilled haloumi and mojo verdi dressing. It was dreamy. Then we came home and had cups of tea and watched American Psycho. It was a quaint anniversary.
Bad lattes
Krispy Kreme

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